Solar AC/DC Systems

Solar AC/ DC Systems

Solar AC/DC Systems

We offer a range of solar AC/DC systems to meet your residential energy needs. Our systems are designed for efficiency, reliability, and sustainability. Whether you need a small DC system or a larger AC system, we have the solution for you.

DC Systems

Our DC systems range from 20Wp to 600Wp, providing clean energy for various applications. These systems are ideal for powering smaller devices, such as lights, fans, or charging stations. With our DC systems, you can harness the power of the sun and reduce your dependence on traditional grid electricity.

AC Systems

Our AC systems range from 350W to 15KW and are expandable to meet your growing energy demands. These systems provide electricity for larger appliances and can power multiple rooms in your home. With our AC systems, you can enjoy the comforts of air conditioning, refrigeration, and other essential electrical devices, all powered by clean, renewable solar energy.

Benefits of Our Solar AC/DC Systems

  • Lower electricity bills by reducing reliance on the grid
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable energy source
  • Increased energy independence and resilience
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Long lifespan and minimal maintenance requirements
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